Scholarships to be awarded immediately! Fountain Hills Connection required.

Two scholarships are ready to be awarded immediately for the 2022 summer or fall semesters.  Students for either EVIT (East Valley School of Technology) or SCC (Scottsdale Community College) are invited to apply.  The scholarships are up to $2500 each for tuition, books and classroom expenses.
The EVIT scholarships are focused on medical careers which are in high demand.  In a short time, this student can be enjoying a rewarding career with self-sustaining income.
Step one is to complete the forms on the EVIT website.  CLICK HERE to link to the application forms for high school students or adults.
Another opportunity is waiting one lucky student for the January 2022 semester at Scottsdale Community College.  The applicant must have a Fountain Hills connection.  The application form and more information is on this website, under Scholarships. 
The listed courses are options for immediate study.  Time is of the essence!   We must get the recipient registered and ready to being classes after January 1.
If you have questions, call Wayne Rish at 915- 202-6514.