Scholarships to be awarded for 2022

Scholarships to be awarded immediately! Fountain Hills Connection required.

Two scholarships are ready to be awarded immediately for the 2022 summer or fall semesters.  Students for either EVIT (East Valley School of Technology) or SCC (Scottsdale Community College) are invited to apply.  The scholarships are up to $2500 each for tuition, books and classroom expenses.
The EVIT scholarships are focused on medical careers which are in high demand.  In a short time, this student can be enjoying a rewarding career with self-sustaining income.
Step one is to complete the forms on the EVIT website.  CLICK HERE to link to the application forms for high school students or adults.
Another opportunity is waiting one lucky student for the January 2022 semester at Scottsdale Community College.  The applicant must have a Fountain Hills connection.  The application form and more information is on this website, under Scholarships. 
The listed courses are options for immediate study.  Time is of the essence!   We must get the recipient registered and ready to being classes after January 1.
If you have questions, call Wayne Rish at 915- 202-6514.
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2022 EVIT Scholarships

Your Title Here

The Rotary Club of Fountain Hills Foundation is offering a spring 2022 scholarship to the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT). The scholarship is open to adults 18 years and older who are Fountain Hills residents, or adults who work in Fountain Hills, or adults who have attended Fountain Hills schools but reside elsewhere in the Valley.
The scholarship, of up to $2500 based on your financial need, is specifically for one of the five medical certificates that start new programs in January 2022:
  • Nursing Assistant
  • Practical Nursing
  • Surgical Technology
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Sterile Processing Technician
These Program descriptions, the EVIT application, and financial aid documents are available at You should complete the EVIT online application at Adult Career Training Programs on this web site. If you plan to enroll in Practical Nursing, Surgical Technology or Sterile Processing Technician, apply for Federal Financial Aid at the same time you apply for admission. You will be notified quickly if you are accepted into one of these programs.
Once you are notified of your acceptance into one of these programs, then contact the Rotary Club of Fountain Hills Foundation to schedule an interview.  Contact Wayne Rish via this e-mail link or call 915 202 6514.
You must be accepted into the EVIT spring program which. begins January 2022 and have financial needs for the scholarship. While in the study program, you will be encouraged to work part time in one of the many Fountain Hills health service businesses relating to your studies if the opportunity permits.
The Rotary Club of Fountain Hills focuses on supporting Fountain Hills' needs. This scholarship is one of many opportunities the Club has found to demonstrate their commitment to being PEOPLE OF ACTION.
For more information, you can contact Wayne Rish via this e-mail link or call 915 202 6514.
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As a service organization, fund raising  is an ongoing effort by Club Members.  Charter member, Ken Ulrikson, along with 14-year member Ralph Donnelly (with extra help from Peggy Donnelly) brought forward a fun new idea.  SELLING PUZZLES!  But not just any puzzle!  The Club program will be a series of puzzles featuring our iconic Fountain Park and Lake. 
After all, Fountain Hills has held the distinction as home of the World's Highest Fountain!  It was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest fountain in the world with the water reaching a maximum height of 560 feet (under ideal conditions).
Our first puzzle is a beautiful composition of the fountain (of course) with beautiful desert plantings and the ever-present endless blue sky.  This colorful 502 piece puzzle will provide hours of enjoyment for any puzzler.
Special thanks to Jeff Kwartler, for generously donating his beautiful photo for our first puzzle fund raiser.  Jeff is a local Fountain Hills REALTOR who began taking photos of his young children.  His need for good photos grew for his local listings.  Now, his passion for photography focuses on Arizona's beauty.  We are grateful for this beautiful FIRST ANNUAL pic!
The price is $30 per puzzle which includes the sales tax.  To place an order, CLICK HERE.
The puzzles will be available for pickup at the Fountain Hills Wednesday 'Art on the Avenue' events December 1, 8 and 15.  Home delivery is an option for Fountain Hills and Verdes residents.  A $5 donation is appreciated for home delivery provided by a Club member.
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Scholarship Opportunity
Scottsdale Community College
Dear Applicant,
You are invited to apply for a scholarship from the Rotary Club of Fountain Hills.
This scholarship is offered to those who have ties to Fountain Hills, Arizona, such as a current resident, current employee of a local business or former FHUSD student.
This scholarship is an opportunity for partial educational funding in the Spring 2022 semester at Scottsdale Community College.   You could be awarded up to $2,500 applied to class tuition and class costs.  If selected, your sole obligation is a commitment to successfully complete the program for which you are requesting funds.  With successful completion, additional educational funding may be available to complete your goals.
You will be assigned a mentor from the Rotary Club of Fountain Hills.  Your mentor will regularly communicate with you to counsel for the purpose of your ultimate success.
Please submit the following information and respond to three questions which help us determine your financial need and commitment to your education, and your future.  You will be contacted for an interview.
    The Rotary Club of Fountain Hills
2021-22 Committee Members:
Wayne Rish
Art Ammon
William Hoffman
Michelle Holcomb
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New Members Inducted 

The club is excited to welcome Stephanie Oberman and Steve Goldstein are our newest members.

Stephanie and her husband, Michael, recently moved to the Rio Verde area from New Jersey.  Stephanie looks forward to beginning her Rotary experience.  She has volunteered her expertise to help with club projects and administration.

Steve Goldstein, his wife Kate, and their children recently moved to Fountain Hills from Washington state.  They have enjoyed a sunny Arizona summer and are becoming acclimated to their new home.

Club members are excited about our growing membership and look forward to developing friendships with Stephanie and Steve and their families.


You are invited to check out our friendly, service-oriented club!  We might be just what you have been needing in your life!  Contact our membership chairperson, Gerry Addington.  He is just a phone call away!  (602) 770-9756

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Bob's Free Bikes receives support from RCofFV

Bob's Free Bikes is a Fountain Hills, Arizona, nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization  (   Their vision and mission is to provide a bicycle to needy and under privileged children in the community who would not otherwise be able to attain one.  The accept used, donated bicycles, make needed repairs and donate them to kids. Kids should experience the responsibility, excitement, and freedom that come with every bike.
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Ftn Hills Splash Park is special Club Legacy Project


Splash Park enjoyed all summer long

The Fountain Hills Splash Park was a cooperative effort between the Rotary Club of Fountain Hills and the Four Peaks Rotary Club.  The clubs share a mission of doing good things in and around Fountain Hills.  The Splash Park as well as the near-by Musical Instrument Park are excellent examples of the clubs join efforts. 
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Mock Interviews Prepare Job Candidates
A panel of Rotarians prepped three job candidates for their upcoming interviews.  The candidates, though young adults, had no formal training regarding the job interview process.  The candidates are currently involved with Save the Family, an organization assisting families affected by homelessnes, joblessness and hopelessness. 
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Weekly speakers are an important part of our club culture.  We work to provide an interesting array of topics.  There will be local and state personalities, elected officials, educators from the local K-12 system as well as university representatives.  The range also includes motivational speakers, authors and local business owners.
If you would like to be on our speaker roster, click here to send us a request.
Here is a story about a recent speaker:
Arizona Supreme Court Justice Clint Bolick
Recently our featured speaker was Arizona Supreme Court Justice Clint Bolick.  Members enjoyed Justice Bolick's sense of humor while presenting stories about his path to becoming a State Justice.  Bolick told that he has always loved to write.   He said that he lacks typing skills enjoyed by most, but that has not stopped his production of written words.  In fact, when typing, the Judge only uses one index finger which has been rewarded with a scorpion tatoo!
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Love In Action Playground, Chapala, Mexico

Chapala Sunrise Rotary Club past-president , John Gonzales, is getting help fromchildren at Love in Action Orpahage.  The ribbon cutting is for a new playground completed as a joint effort between the Rotary Club of Fountain Hills and the Chapala Sunrise Rotary Club.  Additional funds were provided by the Eden Prairie Noon Rotary Club and Charles Lloyd, a resident of Houston, Texas. 
With so much need in Mexico's communities, it was debated whether a playground is actually the best use of our club funds.  While learning about the need, John Gonzales and Kari Romey (Love in Action Executive Director) explained that the children living in the orphanage had probably not ever learned how to have fun prior to moving to Love in Action.  Their lives were only about survival.  Kari explained that learning to have fun promotes imagination and self-expression which are much-needed life skills.  For that reason, having a safe and fun environment is very important to their resident children.
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