2020 Wreath Sale

Wreath Sale is important part of Club's Mission

The 6th Annual Wreath Sale begins October 1 and concludes on November 12, 2019.  This is one of two very important fund raisers by the Rotary Club of Fountain Hills.  This event provides funding which is then distributed to a number of non-profit and worthy causes that 'Need a little help from their friends'.  
These wreaths, centerpiece and live tree make wonderful holiday gifts.  They are shipped directly to the recipient’s address, anywhere in the continental US.  Or you can participate in the local delivery and present them yourself ... what better way to say to your local clients and friends "You are important to me"?
Contact any Fountain Hills Rotarian to place your orders today!  Delivery will be between November 25 and December 8.
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2020 Wine Raffle 



This is an exciting time for the members of Rotary Club of Fountain Hills.  An important Club activity is fund raising which provides us the financial means to serve our community.   
The wine raffle is a short-term project.  The tickets are on sale now with the drawing being held April 27, 2020.  This year's venue is perfect for the drawing and a special celebration!
Pietro's Italian Restaurant, located near the the Inn at Eagle Mountain will be the party and drawing location.  9800 N Smmer Hill Blvd, Fountain Hills, AZ  85268.
Mark your calendar to join in the festivities!
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Women in Rotary - Club welcomes three new members

Women in Rotary make a big difference!

Three local women have recently joined the Rotary Club of Fountain Hills.  Club President, Richard Karr, recently commented on the commitment shown by these new members.  Karr said, "Each of them has jumped right into the organization and are finding ways to use their talents for the benefit of the club.  We are fortunate to have them in our membership."
Deb Carmachel (left) is a director at Morningstar Assisted Living and Memory Care of Fountain Hills.  She immediately joined the Club's Social Committee and helped organize the summer lunch calendar that supports local restaurants.  Additionally she is organizing a 'Hats off to Rotary' event as well as dinner and a night at the Fountain Hills Community Theater in January.   
Carey Martin (center) is new to Fountain Hills but not new to Rotary.  From her previous experience, she knew one of the best ways to get involved and make new friends is to join a local Rotary Club.  The day after Carey was inducted she utilzed her talents and conducted 'mock interviews' for women involved with Save the Family in Mesa.  This program helps people trying to get higher paying jobs to better support their families.  Carey is Vice President of Sales and Operations for Next Level Performers, a recruiting company with nationwide ties.
Cheryl Gollan (right) is a long-time Fountain Hills resident who came to the Club's rescue over one year ago.  The Club was seeking a treasurer and Cheryl agreed to handle the bookkeeping aspect.  She did such a great job she was invited to become the Treasurer.  Her experience with numbers made it a perfect fit and an easy transition.  Cheryl has also been seen volunteering with Little League during the time her son was playing ball.  Now that he has graduated from high school and Cheryl has a little more available time, she said she looks forward to the many volunteer opportunities through the Fountain Hills Rotary Club.
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Bob's Free Bikes receives support from RCofFV

Bob's Free Bikes is a Fountain Hills, Arizona, nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization  (BobsFreeBikes.org).   Their vision and mission is to provide a bicycle to needy and under privileged children in the community who would not otherwise be able to attain one.  The accept used, donated bicycles, make needed repairs and donate them to kids. Kids should experience the responsibility, excitement, and freedom that come with every bike.
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Ftn Hills Splash Park is special Club Legacy Project


Splash Park enjoyed all summer long

The Fountain Hills Splash Park was a cooperative effort between the Rotary Club of Fountain Hills and the Four Peaks Rotary Club.  The clubs share a mission of doing good things in and around Fountain Hills.  The Splash Park as well as the near-by Musical Instrument Park are excellent examples of the clubs join efforts. 
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Mock Interviews Prepare Job Candidates
A panel of Rotarians prepped three job candidates for their upcoming interviews.  The candidates, though young adults, had no formal training regarding the job interview process.  The candidates are currently involved with Save the Family, an organization assisting families affected by homelessnes, joblessness and hopelessness. 
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Weekly speakers are an important part of our club culture.  We work to provide an interesting array of topics.  There will be local and state personalities, elected officials, educators from the local K-12 system as well as university representatives.  The range also includes motivational speakers, authors and local business owners.
If you would like to be on our speaker roster, click here to send us a request.
Here is a story about a recent speaker:
Arizona Supreme Court Justice Clint Bolick
Recently our featured speaker was Arizona Supreme Court Justice Clint Bolick.  Members enjoyed Justice Bolick's sense of humor while presenting stories about his path to becoming a State Justice.  Bolick told that he has always loved to write.   He said that he lacks typing skills enjoyed by most, but that has not stopped his production of written words.  In fact, when typing, the Judge only uses one index finger which has been rewarded with a scorpion tatoo!
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Love In Action Playground, Chapala, Mexico

Chapala Sunrise Rotary Club past-president , John Gonzales, is getting help fromchildren at Love in Action Orpahage.  The ribbon cutting is for a new playground completed as a joint effort between the Rotary Club of Fountain Hills and the Chapala Sunrise Rotary Club.  Additional funds were provided by the Eden Prairie Noon Rotary Club and Charles Lloyd, a resident of Houston, Texas. 
With so much need in Mexico's communities, it was debated whether a playground is actually the best use of our club funds.  While learning about the need, John Gonzales and Kari Romey (Love in Action Executive Director) explained that the children living in the orphanage had probably not ever learned how to have fun prior to moving to Love in Action.  Their lives were only about survival.  Kari explained that learning to have fun promotes imagination and self-expression which are much-needed life skills.  For that reason, having a safe and fun environment is very important to their resident children.
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