Scholarship Opportunity
Scottsdale Community College
Dear Applicant,
You are invited to apply for a scholarship from the Rotary Club of Fountain Hills.
This scholarship is offered to those who have ties to Fountain Hills, Arizona, such as a current resident, current employee of a local business or former FHUSD student.
This scholarship is an opportunity for partial educational funding in the Spring 2022 semester at Scottsdale Community College.   You could be awarded up to $2,500 applied to class tuition and class costs.  If selected, your sole obligation is a commitment to successfully complete the program for which you are requesting funds.  With successful completion, additional educational funding may be available to complete your goals.
You will be assigned a mentor from the Rotary Club of Fountain Hills.  Your mentor will regularly communicate with you to counsel for the purpose of your ultimate success.
Please submit the following information and respond to three questions which help us determine your financial need and commitment to your education, and your future.  You will be contacted for an interview.
    The Rotary Club of Fountain Hills
2021-22 Committee Members:
Wayne Rish
Art Ammon
William Hoffman
Michelle Holcomb